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The Neapolitan Pastiera: €10 discount!

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The legend of Pastiera is linked to the story of the siren Partenope, who was enchanted by the beauty of the bay that stretches out between Posillipo and Vesuvio, and made that place her home. During the spring, the siren would emerge from the water to entertain people with songs of love and joy.
To thank her for this great delight, they decided to offer her the most precious things in their possession: flour, ricotta cheese, eggs, wheat boiled in milk, orange blossom water, spices and sugar. In short, they brought all the essential ingredients for Neapolitan people.
The siren handed these gifts to the gods, who created the Pastiera that we all know with a note as sweet as Partenope’s song.
The Neapolitan term pastenare remained in the Neapolitan dialect, meaning to sow or to plant. It derives from the latin pastinare, which means to cultivate or to hoe. The origin of this pastry can therefore be traced back to its creation as a sacrificial food to ensure a fertile land and abundant harvest.
Shrounded as it is in legends and pagan rituals, time has not changed the structure of classical Pastiera. Nevertheless some varations have developed,such as the traditional rice Pastiera from Benevento and tagliolini Pastiera, which is typical of the Nola district.
Still today, preparing the Pastiera is a ritual that in every Neapolitan home continues year after year, especially during Easter time.
It is a pastry that is impossible to resist: a soft casing of shortcrust pastry that encapsulates all the flavour of ricotta and wheat. It has a unique taste, full tradition and history that deserves to be enjoyed to the full.
Viva Dolce offers you the chance to take home its traditional Pastiera, enjoying the intense orange aroma of the fresh-baked dessert.
What’s more, if you buy it here you can get a discount of €10 on your next purchase.