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Anche quest’anno siamo lieti di comunicarvi la nostra partecipazione a FESTAVICO.

L’evento si svolgerà il 29-30-31 Maggio 2016 a Vico Equense dove saranno presenti i maggiori chef della penisola e le loro prelibatezze, ricche di passione e autenticità.


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We maintain the same level of attention to detail we used in the artisanal workshop where we started, and today we view our customers as reliable partners who are able to respond to changes in an ever changing and growing market.

That’s why we are excited to introduce Viva Dolce e-commerce.

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You can buy different products from our range in our online shop and receive them from the comfort of your home. You will find information about the ingredients, images and packaging types in the descriptions for each item.

From the moment of your purchase to the time of delivery, we will be there for every step, offering the assistance and attention needed to make your experience simple and satisfying.


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Riccia, frolla and pastiera, all in miniature: three typical Neapolitan pastry products that meet an ever-growing demand for food containing no animal fats.


Like other lines of Viva Dolce products, Veganapoli is the result of carefully selecting raw materials and ingredients that allow the consumer to enjoy the authentic taste of genuineness.

For this very reason, Veganapoli obtained VeganOK certification to ensure a reliable option with full respect for vegan principles.